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Bundesweite Themen: Liquid-Systembetrieb
Änderung von Themenbereichen, Quoren, Fristen und Regelwerken: Thema 1725
Ereignis: Neues Argument
Phase: Diskussion (noch 11 Tage 22:12:53)
i3926: Status Quo: Reihung, dann Akzeptanz, dann Reihung korrigieren
Pro-Argument: Momentanes Verfahren beschuetzt das Status Quo und verhindert Kreise.

Zitat Schulze:

"I do not think that it makes much sense to eliminate all unattainable options before calculation the Schulze ranking. The reasons:

(1) This would treat the status quo in an unfair manner. The status quo could win only if it was a Condorcet winner. Another option could win even without being a Condorcet winner. [status quo should be "protected". That implies that, if option A had won the election without being the status quo, then option A should also win if it is the status quo.](The)

(2) The status quo could be changed in a cyclic manner."